About Us

In this age of vast business processes and complex networking system there is an ever increasing need for unique IT security products and solutions to tackle the multifaceted threats emerging in the technology space. At Ethnos we offer you state-of-the-art solution in information systems security. Our services focus on products, service and training. With these, we are committed to supporting organizations as they face growing and rapidly evolving set of security threats including, cybercrime, workforce mobility and data breaches. Our vision—to help you succeed—is not only grounded in our history, it is also the conviction that propels the company forward.

We are focused on this mission to deliver intelligent technology for the most efficient and effective security across all sectors; and strive to be a world class company in real-time adaptive information systems security, giving organizations maximum knowledge and capacity to protect themselves against currently growing and sophisticated targeted attacks.

With our growing list of global leading technical partners, we are deeply committed to over 15 active partners around the world including some of the most influential Info Security experts. Our products and solutions reflect our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and robust platform of secure mission critical business environment.
Our business is divided into three strategic areas.

Security: we offer IT security appliances and support that ensures organization’s critical information assets like sensitive data and IT infrastructure are better protected against attacks.
Services: we provide our clients with the needed leverage to satisfy and comply with the global security industry standard and regulation such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27002 etc.
Training: we empower executives to efficiently and intelligently manage their enterprise resources as favourably as can be achieved.

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